Welcome and thanks for visiting my website.  I’m excited to share my work.  My ambient recordings are not planned or preconceived.

The seed of inspiration for my first ambient recording,  “A Minute to Breathe” was planted when I was introduced to meditation in my late 20’s, but it wasn’t until a few months ago when my friend, yoga instructor Maria Rosner, and I founded Electric Flow Yoga in Chicago that I realized something had been quietly growing within me all these years.

After a show with my rock band, Hero Jr., Maria and I were talking about if and how non-traditional music could be applied to Yoga. We wondered if it could be incorporated into a live event without distracting from the practice, which is ultimately meant to cultivate and lead one to an experience of inner peace through Union. When we parted ways, the energy of that conversation went with me and soon after returning home I grabbed my guitar and made a quick recording, which I sent off to Maria. She loved the vibe and our collaboration was official.

Electric Flow Yoga soon began hosting events with live music, played just with my guitar and a few effects. I had previously only mediated and practiced yoga in silence, so a part of me felt uneasy, as if I was somehow betraying the art, but I felt at home and I allowed myself to follow my creative intuition.

The next few weeks held many lessons in letting go, following my heart, and being true to myself without letting my thoughts distract me. Like most things in life, if you allow yourself to take one or two first steps, the unexpected often unfolds right in front of you, opening up a path you had never even thought of before. These Electric Flow Yoga events have seamlessly joined my art and my meditation and given me the chance to practice both simultaneously. This combined practice has allowed both disciplines to develop in unexpected and synergistic ways.

One of those developments has been my new album, “A Minute to Breathe”. At the end of 2019, while working in Nashville, I put up a microphone and composed four unexpected songs. I wrote, recorded and mixed the sixty-one minutes of ambient guitar in two days. The best way to describe the experience is that the music flowed right through me to tape without a thought or a plan. The experience was as deep as sitting in the silence of meditation.

I have spent most of my career playing loud rock guitar, writing and producing for others and being a member of my favorite band, Hero Jr.  "A Minute To Breathe" as minimal as anything I have made, but it came out of me as if I had been “training” for it my whole life. For me, it feels like more than just an album. The music and this entire experience was a gift that happened upon me over what I thought would be an uneventful weekend in Nashville. If you listen closely you can even hear Ziggy and Izzy, two of my favorite studio dogs, playing in the background.

The response to “A Minute to Breathe” has been so cool and it has led me to start a second Yoga partnership with Megan Zirkelbach in Indianapolis called Megan Ken Eccentric Slow Flow & Sound Bath. I have had a wide range of positive feedback from live events in the Midwest and from the music internationally. Listeners have reported concentration blocks dissolving, reaching deeper states of meditation without distraction, quickly settling into a relaxed state, falling asleep more easily and just plain old good headphone listening — all things I don’t think could have been achieved in one album had I planned and tried.

I have recently begun to offer guided meditations, both privately and in yoga studio groups.  I am looking forward to see where they lead.


My ambient music has been created to be as transparent and supportive as possible.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating.

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"...great...soothing music...I love it!"  - F.B., Paris, France

"I love your "Minute To Breathe" - M.K., Los Angeles, CA.

"...receiving your music was so well timed..." - C.H., London, England

"I'm throwing away my Bible!" - A.B., Chicago, IL.

"I love, love, love, love this...perfect and spot on" - M.C., London, England

"...pleasantly surprised." - M.G.R. - Munich, Germany

"This is perfect for me and will be listened to often...when I'm writing code and need to be heads down with my thinking cap on..." -  A. W., Appleton, WI.

"...this music is great..." - C.U., London, England

"'s so relaxing...I have trouble sleeping and when I listen before bed I get a good night sleep." - L.L., Alberta, Canada


I have created this music as a "support" system for yoga, meditation and contemplation but it has no limits for it's use.  Many of my clients have found that the music supports them through their work days at their various jobs from CEOs to service workers.  The one thing about the music is that, as opposed to album, radio, film and TV tracks, I try not to include musical and sound elements that might distract you from your practice or the task at hand. 

bookings and events


Electric Flow Yoga is a partnership with Yogi and Yoga instructor Maria Rosner and is based in the Chicago area.  EFY is available for studio and outdoor events of all sizes.

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Megan Ken Eccentric Slow Flow & Sound Bath is a partnership with Yogi and Yoga instructor Megan Zirkelbach and is based in the Indianapolis area.  EFY is available for studio and outdoor events of all sizes.

About the recording (for the gear nerds)...

During the recording of "A Minute To Breathe" I used a 2016 USA Stratocaster and a 1972 Gibson Les Paul Custom through an Orange Dual Terror and an Orange PPC 112 speaker cabinet.  I used a Jim Dunlop Echoplex, Line 6 and MXR Carbon Copy Delays, a basic one channel TC Electronics Ditto, and a KHDK Ghoul Jr directly into ProTools.  I use DR 11-50 gauge Veritas strings.  I have been performing and working with Orange Amps for over seven years and besides being the fiercest amps out there this little 30 watt Terror was amazing when I needed depth and finesse.  This little rig suits the project perfectly and it travels well.  I mix and record on Kali IN8 monitors.  As always my headphones are Klipsch because they never lie!